The OFoundation was created to help provide opportunities via education, sport, and the arts.

Opportunities are not finite. They simply need to be shared with those who in the past wouldn’t have access to such life inspiring hope. We believe unification is the key to sharing these opportunities/hope with everyone. Hopefully we can inspire you to help make change today.

The OFoundation is a 100% volunteer led Boston based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are committed to providing opportunities where they are scarce. Currently our efforts have been focused in Haiti. There are not many places left on earth that have fewer opportunities. There is a massive (11 million) young and strong population being ignored internationally.


Sports Camps

For the last four years, OFoundation founder Eric Wilson has been fundraising tours from the US to Haiti to host sports camps. The young attendees received instruction from some of the countries most successful athletes. They are also fed, and some of the most needy received footwear/apparel. 

2020 COVID-19 Prevention

There was a request received from our ground team to educate and prepare rural northern Haitian communities for the incoming spread of COVID-19. We responded by providing water receptacles, soap, masks, and gloves to multiple villages. 

Creating National Rugby Sevens Program

Rugby is played all over the world, and also all over the Caribbean. We are highly interested in developing both a men’s and women’s national sevens program. We are planning a camp in April 2021 that will form the foundation of the national programs. In order to sustain our efforts post camp, we are collecting 200 individual $10 donations. This $2000 will go towards: field space rental, jerseys and shorts, professional coaching, travel costs to play tournaments, balls/apparel, food and hydration etc.

Basketball Sneaker/Apparel Donation Drive

Every basketball season the OFoundation collaborates with different local organizations and schools to collect new or slightly worn basketball sneakers, shorts, jerseys, balls etc. These donations are collected, inventoried, and then matched to young athletes in need. We ship the apparel to Haiti where our security ensures accurate and safe delivery. All athletes who were given donations are catalogued so we can anticipate when they’ll need another pair of sneakers.

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